The Process

A Simple Overview


1. On Behalf of Your Community

The Grid Effort interviews scientists and manufacturers, assessing special equipment technology that can provide an electrical power grid with significantly higher protection from assaults by high altitude nuclear blasts, extreme solar flares, or other similar attacks.  The Grid Effort evaluates the technology's technical fit, reliability, cost factors, delivery options, and nationwide supply requirements.  These factors all combine help to ensure the best possible solution and value for your community.  

2. Taking Action

Individuals, organizations and businesses use The Grid Effort's venue and charitable status to contribute the funds to procure the equipment needed to vastly improve the resilience of that portion of that electrical grid that serves a community of their choosing, perhaps even their own.  Everyone can easily have a hand in protecting themselves and their loved ones from a disaster of epic proportions.  

3. Teamwork

The Grid Effort reaches out to the local electrical utility and specialists to understand their priorities, policies, and installed electrical infrastructure.  We work to understand how we can help the utility achieve its goals, and how they might align with the goals of the Effort and its donors.  A determination is made as to what improvements might be suitable to upgrade the resilience of the installed electrical grid.

In some instances a local chapter of The Grid Effort is installed to help manage the effort.

4. Delivery

Using donations made by the respective community, The Grid Effort purchases the equipment needed to meet the specifications required to protect that community's electrical power grid from sever assaults.  The equipment is shipped to the electrical utility that serves that community, or to the community itself.

Our Process Ethic

Good Will, Generosity, and Ingenuity

“…in America a citizen would see a problem that needed solving; he wouldn’t call on the government but would cross the street and talk to a neighbor. They would talk to others and soon a committee would be formed, the problem would be solved and, you won’t believe this, but no government bureau will be involved at all.”

A story of French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville’s travels in the United States in the 1830's.