Who We Are

The Grid Effort is a non-profit charitable organization whose purpose is to help individual cities to protect themselves from assaults to their electrical power grid.  Seeing a long-standing and urgent need, The Grid Effort is stepping up in a gesture of compassion and support for cities all across the United States.  We're a tool for individual cities to help themselves.  We're not a government program, nor a tax, nor a regulation.  We're simply an organization that wants to help, believing that the solution isn't that difficult, and is implemented most effectively at a local level.  When it comes to the topic of electromagnetic pulses and solar storms, there are plenty of fine think tanks in existence.  In contrast, The Grid Effort is a "do tank."  

More specifically, The Grid Effort will work to help a city make their electric grid more able to withstand a major assault, such as a high altitude detonation from a terrorist’s nuclear missile, or an extreme solar flare spewed from our sun.  Unfortunately, the increasing threat of nuclear missiles is becoming more and more widely known.  Also troublesome is the sun's documented record of delivering major blows to North America, when the United States was younger and not so dependent on electricity (1859 and 1921).  If it happened today, the devastation would be immense and very long lasting.

The Grid Effort is a charitable organization at the service of cities all across America, providing each of them with a tax-free venue to accumulate the funds to buy the special equipment needed to improve the resilience of the key component of their own critical infrastructure: specifically, that portion of the electrical power grid that serves their own city.   

We hope you'll support our effort, and use what we have to offer.  It's you, your families, and your communities that are the beneficiary of our work and your donations.

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