An Open Letter to The Mayor


"Public investment in infrastructure makes communities safer..."

The Mayor's Agenda for the Future
The US Conference of Mayors

Dear Mayor,

As you probably know, without electricity, all other parts of the city's infrastructure fails.  Water, food, medical, banking, police, fire, transportation.  Everything.  No city can survive a long term grid-down situation.  Scientists, specialists, and the federal government all inform us that the situation would be catastrophic.  This is the motivation behind the formation of The Grid Effort, which works to help make each city’s electrical grid stronger.  With The Grid Effort, individual citizens, businesses, and organizations can contribute, in a tax free way, to improve their community's critical electrical infrastructure, making their city a much safer place to live.

Protecting one's own family from catastrophic disaster is every parent's right.

Moreover, such efforts by individuals and the private sector tend to ease the burden on the local, state, and federal governments to provide such protection.  This easement is just one of many reasons why such efforts should be both supported and applauded by local government. 

The Grid Effort wants to support individual cities.  We have a passion for the individual people and families that call the city they live in their home. We're a non-profit corporation providing a charitable venue that enables average folks, private business, or organization to help their community by contributing the funds needed to make the most important part of their city’s critical infrastructure more able to ride through sever assaults.  Importantly, 

The Grid Effort makes these infrastructure improvements

· Without More Taxes or
· Without  More Regulation


The Grid Effort also advocates a policy of teamwork with local power companies.  We greatly appreciate their important role in our communities.  We believe they provide a fine product, supporting it with great service, and delivering it at a great price.  Our only desire is to make its distribution infrastructure stronger, more resilient.  We look forward to working in partnership with power companies to help them respond to their customers by assisting with the supply of the equipment that they need to make this infrastructure improvement. 

In in 2004 and again in 2008, the nationwide weakness in the nation's electrical power grid was thoroughly documented by the EMP Commission, which was established by the US Congress to provide an assessment of the risk from electromagnetic pulse.  Clearly, taken on a nation-wide scale, the problem can rightly be described as daunting.  However, when it's instead considered at the local level, it quickly becomes more accessible, meaningful, and manageable.  Naturally, as more and more cities across the nation protect their own electrical power grid, so too will the nation's overall grid become more resilient.  Our passion is to help make that happen.