Some Simple Facts About EMP, and Our Modern Society


No one, no one, can afford to be wrong about the threat of EMP.

The heart of the problem:

  • Critical parts of the electric grid can be permanently destroyed in minutes from a natural or man-made EMP.  Replacing them takes years.

  • All sorts of computerized devices across the country could also be destroyed.

  • A nationwide power outage means that nobody is coming to rescue your city.  Would-be rescuers from afar are out of power too.  They’re plenty busy trying to look after their own loved ones and priorities.


Families:  Dads and moms, parents, perhaps have the strongest reasons for supporting The Grid Effort: protecting their families from harm’s way.  Long term loss of electric power would cause hardship of the highest order.  It would start with simple inconvenience.  Then, after weeks and months, wear on to a worse and worse state. 

  • Start with loss of lighting, cooking, heat and/or cooling in your home.  As noted, expect this status for months, including all summer, and/or all winter, or both.

  • Water will become unavailable.  For most of America, water is supplied to homes with electric pumps.  Those pumps might have gas powered backup power generators, but they’ll eventually run out of fuel.  Elevated supply reservoirs will not be refilled.

  • Food will probably disappear off the grocery shelves quickly, perhaps even very quickly.  It will depend if the store’s cash registers are working.  The most likely will not have power (most stores don’t have generators), so the registers won’t be working.  Moreover, the banking and credit system will be down, so no plastic payment.  To make matters worse, there will be no trucks coming with more food to restock the shelves. 

  • It’s highly unlikely any pharmacy will be releasing prescription drugs if they don’t have access to their on-line prescription validation system.   And their cash registers won’t be working either; nor will the banking and credit system.  And, like the grocery stores, resupply of inventory won’t be happening either. 

  • If an EMP strike is strong and effective, there’s a good chance your car will be shorted out and will not run.

  • Schools will be closed.  Hopefully, if an EMP strike occurred, it happened when everyone was at home, not when parents are at work and kids are at school.  School busses running is highly questionable. 

  • As the power outage progresses week after week, month after month, life will get more and more difficult.  Particularly for single mothers.

  • Your community is probably not first on the Federal government’s list of aid recipients if there’s a nationwide blackout.  Moreover, recognize that the Federal government itself will be highly debilitated.  Don’t expect help from them. 

  • Parents are encouraged to visit:


  • All commerce stops when cities don't have electricity.

  • Customer demand for your goods or services will stop in the blink of an eye. 

  • With the absence of electrical power continuing for weeks and months, your company would very likely fail.  Your portfolio would be decimated in no time at all.

  • The Grid Effort offers your company a venue for making a charitable donation to an organization that will benefit your company, helping to ensure that your company isn’t exposed to extended power outages.

  • The Grid Effort offers a venue for community infrastructure improvement without additional regulation placed on the utilities, or rate hikes on consumers, like your business.

  • The Grid Effort enables power companies the opportunity to be a hero in the communities they serve without it costing their budget a fortune.


  • Anticipate having the internet go down, and loosing all other banking, financial, and other communications as well.

  • Police, the Fire Department, and emergency services will be scaled back, probably a lot.  Assuming their cruisers work at all, they will likely have a limited supply of gasoline.  Their radios might not work, nor the station’s dispatch or operational computers.  Police helicopters may likely be grounded.  If they’re operational, their use will likely be much more restricted, due to limited fuel supply and communications.  There could be significant rise in criminal activity, particularly from large, organized street gangs.

  • The water shortage affecting homes throughout the community will impact fire hydrants, too, severely limiting the Fired Department’s ability to be effective.  Fires could go largely uncontrolled. 

  • Hospitals and clinics will likely be semi-operational on standby generators for a while.  But they’ll eventually run out of fuel, without resupply.  Also, much of the computer technology might not work at all.  Likewise for the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

  • Don’t look for the US army to be supplying emergency provisions any time soon.  Likewise for the National Guard.  They’re not anywhere near big enough to supply the needs of the entire country.  And if the country is hit by an EMP, that’s an act of war.  Being at war, and our country has taken a direct hit, the military is now very busy with the challenge of defending our nation.

  • Don’t forget about waste water management.  When sewer treatment plants stop working, health risks will go way up, quickly.

  • Mayhem is a strong possibility in any city without functioning schools, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, banks, doctor’s offices, businesses, emergency services, and transportation.


  • Local policies can be much more efficient then Federal ones.  One example is the 15+ years neither government nor national private business consortiums have been effective at mitigating the risk of a natural or man-made EMP.

  • The Federal government estimates that a nuclear EMP or a “mid sized” solar EMP would destroy more than 300 electric grid transformers, bringing the entire country’s electric grid down in minutes.  A critical fact is that it takes more than a year to manufacture just one replacement transformer.  In our present unprepared state, a strong EMP hit, natural or man-made, will take a long, long time to recover from.  This is why The Grid Effort suggest that citizens everywhere take steps to prepare that part of the electric grid that serves their community.

  • Another benefit of The Grid Effort is that it helps citizens to ease the burden of government.  (“…Ask what you can do for your country.” Or your community.)

  • More than one hostile nation states have declared their interest in striking the US with nuclear electromagnetic pulse.

  • Hopefully the Mayors of your city has considered the purpose of The Grid Effort and will support it as a campaign in your community. 

Bottom Line:

  • In 1859 the US was hit by a solar flare that today would destroy hundreds of grid transformers all across the country.  Since that time it has happened several times more, in "glancing blows," or by smaller flares.  Transformers in Canada, North East US, Africa, and elsewhere have been taken out.  Giant flares have happened before.  Line any natural disaster, it’s naïve to think that it can’t happen again.

  • The threat from nuclear EMP is documented and very real.  Just ask the many sources listed on the homepage, including the US Department of Defense.  They’re preparing for a strike from a hostile state or entity.

  • Clearly, the price of preparedness is only a small fraction of the price of recovery, assuming it’s possible at all.  The Grid Effort is a voluntary, non-profit, tax deductible charity designed to make preparedness possible for your community.