An Open Letter to The gOVERNOR


"Efforts to increase state readiness and resilience are critical to saving lives, protecting critical infrastructure, speeding up recovery and reducing costs."

Homeland Security, Emergency Management and Public Safety
National Governors Association

Dear Governor,

Your state’s Department of Health may already have reference to an Electromagnetic Pulse in it’s documents; several do.  Typical notes maintained by a State include:

“High-altitude nuclear detonations and electromagnetic bombs can generate EMP that has the potential to damage or destroy electronic devices over widespread areas.  Electric power systems would also be at risk from surges produced by such weapons.”

Happily, as a part of a partnership to improve their city’s critical infrastructure, individual citizens, businesses, and organizations can contribute mightily to a cause that serves their families.  By making tax free donations to The Grid Effort, anyone and everyone can help themselves, and help their city.  When sufficient funds have been collected, The Grid Effort will purchase the needed equipment and gift it back to the city.  The donor’s money stays in their community, and helps their community.

The possibility of an EMP strike, man-made or natural, is one of those “low frequency, high impact” events that most of us are too busy, or feel helpless, to contemplate.  The Grid Effort is a charitable organization at the service of cities all across America, striving to make it easy for average folks to take measured, volunteered steps to prepare for disaster. 

As you know, without electricity, all other parts of the city's infrastructure fails.  No city can survive a long term grid-down situation.  The federal government informs us all that the situation would be catastrophic.  So, The Grid Effort has been formed to help make each city’s electrical grid stronger.

The Grid Effort also advocates a policy of teamwork with local power companies.  We look forward to working in partnership with power companies to help them respond to their customers by assisting with the supply of the equipment that they need to make this infrastructure improvement.

When considered at the local level, the national problem of weakness in the nation's power grid quickly becomes more accessible, meaningful, and manageable.  Naturally, as more and more cities across the nation protect their own electrical power grid, so too will the nation's overall grid become more resilient.  Our passion is to help make that happen.

We look forward to helping the citizens, families, businesses and organizations in cities across your great state prepare for that unlikely disaster, so that if it ever does happen it will be manageable, and not a catastrophic disaster.