An Open Letter to Electrical workers


Expertise Appreciated.

The Grid Effort on Electrical Workers

Dear National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers,

The Grid Effort applauds the work and important contribution that the National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers provides to cities all across our nation.  As an organization with a deep appreciation of how important electricity is in our communities, we have a great deal of sincere respect for the work that the Brotherhood performs in delivering their product to all of us each and every day.  

The Grid Efforts exists to correct a long existing gap in the specifications for resilience in the nation's electrical power grid, specifically protection of the high voltage transformers that might result from a sever solar storm or from a high altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse.  As you know, every aspect of the electrical power grid is expertly built and maintained to specification.  Therefor any weaknesses in the grid must be a result of the specifications to which it was built and is maintained.  

If desired, members of the NBEW can join in and be heroes to the communities in which they live by helping with the installation process.  As a suggestion, to help keep costs down, Brotherhood members are invited to consider contributing part of their paid time off to the labor expense if installing the protective equipment.  The Grid Effort is an organization supported by electrical consumers who wish to participate in an effort to improve the resilience of that portion of the electrical power grid that serves their city.  When a local community has collected enough funds to pay for the special protection equipment needed to protect their city, The Grid Effort will simply supply the needed equipment, giving it to the communities or the utilities themselves.  Contributions of installation labor by the National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers might then be a very useful, appreciated and effective way to support the effort to help protect families, businesses, and public services that live in their own community.   

Electrical utilities and workers have an important influence on a critical piece of each community’s infrastructure, which is essential to the lifestyles, health, and wellbeing of every member of the community.  Therefore, The Grid Effort along with every electrical consumer in the community appreciate efforts by utilities and electrical workers to continue to address their moral and operational obligation to look after the safety of the community through the continued supplied of electricity.  Specific steps we're seeking to help ensure the utility's continued record of success include: 1) taking significant, meaningful steps to sufficiently mitigate the threats mentioned above, and 2) welcoming the efforts and donations of members of the community to help mitigate said threats, and, by extension, help ensure the safety of themselves, their loved ones, and their community.

It’s understood by The Grid Effort and knowledgeable experts that, after years and years of "studies and testing" have now been completed, enough data has been collected to allow a reasonable body to conclude that effective blocking equipment exists and can be installed.  Moreover, sufficient expertise to ensure proper installation and operation of the equipment exists within the utility company and/or can be retained, if needed.

The Grid Effort looks forward to efforts on the part of utilities to support this endeavor.  Indeed, if the utility wishes to boost its reputation as a supporter in-and-for the community, then supporting The Grid Effort is a fine way to demonstrate that support.  Not only is such support very credible and genuine, it’s also in the utility’s “wheel house.”  It also obviously offers the added advantage of service as a legitimate tax charitable tax write off for the utility.