Strengthen Chandler's
Electrical Power Grid

Donate to a Charitable Fund and Reinforce
What's Critical for Your Life.


Better Safe Then Sorry... With just a little reinforcement ahead of time, the risk to Chandler can be cut down to size and managed.  You can do your part by helping to reinforce Chandler's electrical power grid right now.  Your donation will help to finance the special equipment needed to protect the critical transformers on the grid that supplies and distributes electricity to and within Chandler.

The Grid Effort believes that a city's own local population can best mitigate the risk to the electrical power grid that serves their city.  It's a city's citizens that have the strongest interest in ensuring it's own safety and well being.  They're also most efficient with their own dollars, and have a record of successfully implementing solutions for the technical challenges in their community. 

To the benefit of others and yourself, we hope you'll support our effort, and use what we have to offer to help you protect your city.  The Grid Effort was formed to support cities all across the United States.  We're a non-profit charitable corporation organization whose honest and sincere purpose is to help individual cities to protect themselves from assaults to their electrical power grid.