Help to Safeguard AN Arizona community
From Catastrophic Disaster.

An Open Letter to The governor

Dear Governor,

The Grid Effort is a charitable organization at the service of cities all across America, providing each of them with a tax-free venue to accumulate the funds to buy the special equipment needed to improve the resilience of the key component of their own critical infrastructure: that portion of the electrical power grid that serves their own city. 

The Grid Effort agrees with the National Governors Association:

"Efforts to increase state readiness and resilience are critical to saving lives, protecting critical infrastructure, speeding up recovery and reducing costs."

Happily, individual citizens, businesses, and organizations can contribute mightily in a partnership to improve their city’s critical infrastructure.  

The Grid Effort wants to support local cities.  We have a passion for the individual people and families that call each their home.  We're a non-profit corporation and provide a charitable venue for the common person, or the private business or organization to help their community by contributing and collecting the funds to make the most important part of their city’s critical infrastructure stronger.  When sufficient funds have been collected, we will purchase the needed equipment and gift it to the city. 

Without electricity, all other parts of the city's infrastructure fails.  No city can survive a long term grid-down situation.  The federal government informs us all that the situation would be catastrophic.  So, The Grid Effort has been formed to help make each city’s electrical grid stronger.

Specifically, we will make a city’s electric grid more able to withstand a major assault, such as a high altitude detonation from a terrorist’s nuclear missile, or from an extreme solar flare spewed from our sun.  Unfortunately, the increasing threat of nuclear missiles is becoming more and more widely known.  Did you also know that the sun has delivered major blows to North America before?  Both times were long ago, before we were so dependent on electricity (1859 and 1921).  If it happened today the devastation would be immense.  

Protecting one's own family from catastrophic disaster is naturally every parent's right.  Moreover, such efforts by individuals and the private sector ease the burden on the local, state, and federal governments to do so.  This easement is just one of many reasons why such efforts should be both supported and applauded by the governor's office. 

The Grid Effort also advocates a policy of teamwork with local power companies.  We look forward to working in partnership with power companies to help them respond to their customers by assisting with the supply of the equipment that they need to make this infrastructure improvement.

When considered at the local level, the national problem of weakness in the nation's power grid quickly becomes more accessible, meaningful, and manageable.  Naturally, as more and more cities across the nation protect their own electrical power grid, so too will the nation's overall grid become more resilient.  Our passion is to help make that happen.