Protect your community from the ultimate disaster.

Nuclear Missile or Solar Flare. 
Either could shut down the nation's electrical power grid for a long, long time.

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Join a nationwide effort to help protect the electrical power grid in individual communities.  The Grid Effort supports cities just like yours all over the country.
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Those wishing to can donate to the general operation of The Grid Effort can do so with the above button.  These donations will help us to better be of service by improving our technical and corporate infrastructure and managing our operating costs.

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The Grid Effort
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The Grid Effort empowers average people to take direct action to protect their families and communities from a disastrous, long term electrical black-out.  Akin to a classic community fund raiser, The Grid Effort provides a venue to make a charitable donation and help purchase the equipment needed to protect your community's electrical power grid from an extreme assault by a terrorist state or a sever solar flare. 

In this four minute video, scientists, doctors, and international leaders summarize the serious vulnerability that exists with our community's electrical supply grid, putting the lives of millions of people at risk within a few weeks of a long term power outage.

This informative video was produced for the EIS Council summit, held in May of 2013 in Washington, DC.

A Citizen's Responsibility

"...If we do not act to protect our grid, our nation could be at the mercy of any enemy that can build, or acquire and launch, a nuclear warhead that could generate a devastating electromagnetic pulse across our nation. Or we can wait for that inevitable solar flare, which could inflict an even more devastating and widespread catastrophe on the human family."

Rep. Yvette Clarke
US Congress


"..someone who sees an imminent challenge oncoming... has a responsibility to prepare."

"I started asking myself,... do I have a responsibility to do something about the EMP threat?" 

David Farnsworth
Arizona State Senator


The Grid Effort is a non-profit charitable organization whose purpose is to help individual cities to protect themselves from assaults to their electrical power grid.  We see a real and urgent need which isn't new, and isn't being addressed in an expeditious way by anyone else, including businesses or government agencies.  So, in a gesture of compassion and support for cities all across the United States, we're stepping up to fill the gap.  We're a tool for individual cities to help themselves.  We're not a government program, nor a tax, nor a regulation.  We're simply an American born organization of concerned citizens that want to help, and we hope you'll support our effort, and use what we have to offer.

Take the time to cross the street and talk to your neighbor about a problem in you community.